Today, my mission is to forge innovative pathways in content creation, drawing on my treasure trove of experience in L&D, GEN AI, marketing, design, film, and gamification. There's nothing more rewarding than igniting the spark of knowledge in others, helping them unlock their potential and embark on their own quests for discovery.

Join me as we create not just content, but journeys. Together, we'll craft learning experiences that aren't just effective, but essential—because in the vast universe of knowledge, the greatest adventure is learning something new.

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As the captain of the Learning Experience and Design Team (LXD) at PayPal, I navigate the exciting intersection of finance and tech. With my crew of Instructional Designers, we chart courses through the vast ocean of L&D, crafting experiences that not only educate but inspire. Our voyages have led us to design, develop, and deploy transformative learning initiatives, making a tangible difference across the organization.

My adventure began in the world of retail, where I coached champions at GameStop, leading us to victory as the top sales team nationwide. But by night, I turned digital archaeologist, unearthing the secrets of virtual zombies on an underground YouTube channel, LAB Z. Our discoveries went viral, capturing the imaginations of over 300,000 viewers and setting the stage for my next chapter.

From there, I ventured into the realms of film, entertainment, marketing, web, and gaming. Each industry was a new land to explore, brimming with software and technologies that enriched my toolkit and fueled my creative fire.


IGN Plays Live: St. Jude Children's Charity Stream 2019

IGN Plays Live:
St. Jude Children's Charity Stream 2019